PetHub offers multiple solutions for community pet licensing:

  • Tag for Tag update to PetHub Digital ID tags
  • Low-cost Branded IDs
  • Customized programs & solutions


Tag for Tag 

Pet parents don’t want ugly, old-fashioned stamped-metal ID tags. Improve your licensing program overnight -- switch to PetHub digital IDs!

  • Completely customizable PetHub ID tags: the front of the PetHub ID tag is a "blank canvas" for your full-colored artwork.
  • Seamless integration into existing systems: custom “powered by PetHub” ID tags use the same numbering system, as well as, a similar size/weight of packaging as your existing tags.
  • Low cost, with potential subsidies available: For qualified clients, additional discounts and subsidies are available to bring the cost down to meet your CURRENT TAG PRICE.

Low-cost Branded IDs

For communities looking to enhance their licensing program, but not completely phase out standard stamped-metal ID tags, PetHub co-branded digital ID tags are the perfect solution:

  • Start with as few as 500 tags for just $1.51 each to provide a powerful revenue generator. Some of the ways other municipalities have used co-branded PetHub Digital IDs:
    • A "vanity tag" upgrade option that costs a few dollars more than a standard ID tag
    • As part of premium adoption kits 
    • Companion ID for microchips (when microchip is use as the community's pet license)
  • Order 5K or more tags, and spend less than $1 per tag!

Customized Licensing Solutions

Looking for an online purchasing portal for residents to purchase pet licenses online?  Needing help with shipping tags to pet owners?  Wanting to automatically register pets' PetHub IDs via integration with your shelter software? Contact our sales team to see how we can help your community!   Call 866-795-8440, ext 714 or email us at today.