PetHub's 10-10-10 Program offers 3 ways for your non-profit animal organization to SAVE money and MAKE money:

  • PetHub Shelter Share
  • Tag Donations for Fundraising Events
  • "SAVE10" Custom Coupon Codes


PetHub Shelter Share:

  • Any municipal shelter or other non-profit organization utilizing PetHub co-branded ID tags* is eligible
  • PetHub Shelter Share donations are based on 10% of profit on any purchases made on
    • Eligible purchases include upgrades to PetHub Premium Service or additional tags, collars or accessories
    • Third-party purchases (such as pet insurance or other PetHub partner products) and municipal licensing fees are not eligible for PSS affiliate earnings 
  • In order for PetHub's system to track PSS affiliate purchases, the customer must have activated the partner's co-branded PetHub ID tag and be logged in at the time of purchase
  • PetHub Shelter Share donations are annual and are calculated annually, with checks delivered within 90 days of anniversary of your program
*PetHub co-branded tags can be purchased on this site, or through our sales team. Please call 866-795-8440, ext 714 or email us at

    Tag Donations for Fundraising Events:

    • PetHub will donate up to 10 tags (or 5 collars) to any fundraising event for your organization, up to four times a year.  This is a $200 retail value! 
    • Use for auctions, raffles or event door prizes
    • PetHub will also provide a "FREE Tag Voucher" printable PDF for unlimited participants at large scale events like 5K or adoption fairs. Please note that this is an electronically provided PDF and PetHub does not provide actual printing of the vouchers. 

    "SAVE10" Custom Coupon Codes:

    • PetHub creates custom codes for your organization and supporters to share on social media, in e-newsletter or on printed literature for 10% off purchases made on
    • Your organization will earn an additional 10% affiliate donation every time the coupon is used.  Please note: donations follow the same requirements, restrictions and distribution timetable as PetHub's Shelter Share program.